Cristiano Ronaldo

The low-poly base of the head was modeled in 3ds max initially. After unwrapping the UVW map, it was taken into Zbrush for details. I also had to change the facial expression to give him a smile. The hair was created with max's hair&fur in several layers to achieve Ronaldo's unique "faux hawk". Another goal of this project was to get familiar with mental ray's sss skin shader, it's a great shader for creating realistic looking skin.

The diffuse map was painted in Adobe Photoshop without using any real photo, because I wanted to understand the sss skin better, and how it behaves under different parameter settings.

The body was rigged and skinned to create the pose, and also to help with the cloth simulation. After playing around with different poses, the desired mesh (shirt+shorts+body) was taken into zbrush for further detailing.

I've also modeled a background, the famous benches for the Manchester United at Old Trafford Stadium.


bone rig + skinned mesh + cloth simulation

detailed model in zbrush




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