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Charmcraft Hollow(facebook)
A social simulation game taking place in a magical world.

Grom Skate(iOS/web)
An endless runner for children that combines fast pace action gameplay and solving math problems. It also features 4 unique worlds.

Unreleased RTS game(iOS/facebook)
An isometric RTS game, it's currently under development.

Rock This/Play Gig-it(facebook)
Music based facebook games.

Allies Quest(web)
An online educational game that encourages community engagement and proactive treatment for those affected by hemophilia.

Betraille: Part Deux(android)
I recently ported our molyjam game to android. Now it's a 2 player head-to-head game using the vritual joysticks.

Click here to download the .apk(android only)

Puss in Boots(web)
A series of flash games for Dreamworks' Puss in Boots.

XARM(iOS and Android)
A sports action game created for the MMA sport XARM.

Kung Fu Rumble(web)
A 3d fighting game on nick.com for Dreamworks' Kung Fu Panda 2.

Vagrant Fighters
A fighting game using unity3d.

Project Booty (working title)
Our game dev group Nocturnal Minds are currently working on a XNA game for Xbox Indies. It's a multiplayer ship battling game about pirates.

Clash of the Titans(iOS)
An action adventure game for iphone using Unity3d. The game was later canceled.

Deadliest Warrior(iOS and web)
A tower defense game created for a TV show on Spike, it's on iphone and web browser.

MolyJam 2012 - Betraille: Part Deux
Global Game Jam 2012 - What Kills Me Makes Me Stronger
Global Game Jam 2011 - World of Spacecraft: Extinction

Math Pad
Advance Multimedia Class project. This is a children's eduactional game created with Macromedia Director. The objective of the game is to complete a math equation to make the desired number using each of the 4 given numbers. You can add, subtract, multiply and divide. Use all four numbers on the screen with the game pad(similar to DDR pad), but use each number only once. the uses all four operations are not required.

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